Memorial to the Lost

Memorial to the Lost
at Chester Eastside Ministries

Monday, September 12, 2016

Getting away with murder in Chester (Yesterday's Inquirer)

by Caitlin McCabe & Grace Toohey

When the shots rang out on Chester's west end on a cool, rainy night in May, Eunice Durnell paid the noise no mind.
Twenty swift blasts, in barely a minute. Gunfire is so frequent in Chester, Durnell had trained herself not to care.
So she went to bed.
By the time she woke, another family member was dead.
This time, it was her 14-year-old godson, Zenas Powell, struck by stray bullets outside a corner store where he had stopped to buy candy as he biked to a relative's home.
Powell was not the target, police say. He wasn't a troublemaker, gang member, or prone to violence.
But the shooter sprayed the corner anyway before speeding off. Police canvassed for hours but made no arrests. Not that night - or any night since.
Powell became the fourth member of Durnell's extended family slain in Chester in two years: Her 51-year-old sister, stabbed in the chest. A 31-year-old nephew gunned down. A cousin, 17, shot execution-style, two bullets to the head.
None have been solved.
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