Memorial to the Lost

Memorial to the Lost
at Chester Eastside Ministries

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Notes on Hosting the Memorial To the Lost

Getting the Memorial to the Lost (MTTL) to your host site:

The Swarthmore United Methodist Church is -- very, very kindly-- providing storage for the Memorial.

The address for the Church is: 129 Park Ave, Swarthmore, PA 19081

The MTTL consists of 160 pvc-pipe stands, each holding a t-shirt.
  1. 15 bundles of rebar (1' long) (which weigh maybe 15 lbs each)
  2. 3 large trash (new) trash cans that hold the 36" upright poles
  3. 4 large IKEA bags that hold the 1' cross pieces
  4. 4-5 large IKEA bags with the t-shirts
  5. 2 signs 
  6. 1 take-1 box
  7. a banner, held up by 2 shephards' crooks
  8. 1 bag with mallets, duct tape, work gloves, 4 4' spacers
You can jam the components of the MTTL in a bunch of cars with hatch-backs, but it's much easier if you can get a van / minivan/truck with a 38" high space that can hold the trash cans upright.

Erecting the MTTL:

Gibbs LaMotte has supervised the construction many, many times -- it is a huge help if he can come.

His email is

Each of the 160 stands takes about 16 square feet, so about 2,560 square feet total

You need a work crew of 10 or so people -- at least 4 need to be able-bodied enough to pound rebar into the ground.  They will each use a spacer to put up each rebar 4' back from the last row, and 4' across from the last rebar.

  • Make sure you have the tools, spacers, work gloves.
  • It's nice to have a pad for people to record contact info, if they're interested in getting involved with HGC
  • Update the flyer and make a hundred or so copies for the take-one box.
  • Appoint someone to take pictures of the group at work and the memorial once you've put it up.

Other people will put a 36" upright over each piece of rebar, attach the 1' side pieces, and fitting a t-shirt over each stand.

Whole process usually takes about an hour.

Send pictures and contact info for people who are interested  to

Taking Down the MTTL:

It helps a lot to have access to a van with a back at least 38" tall, able to hold the garbage cans upright.

Make sure you have work gloves, duct tape,

Contact the people who will be receiving the MTTL (either the next host or Swarthmore United Methodist Church) and tell them what time you will be delivering it (it takes less then an hour to take down the memorial).  Storing the memorial takes about 144 sq. feet. of storage.

You will need a work crew of 5-7 people, at least a couple of whom can pull up the rebar and make it into bundles of 10, fastened with duct tape.  You will also need people to wash the 160 t-shirts, ready for the next host.

Thank you so much for being a host and standing with us against gun violence.